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Everything you need to know about ENEBA

ENEBA mainly originated during the early 2000s in Lithuania in a small student room when Vytis and Zygis spent entire nights playing games and devising the way to create the platform which was established in 2018.

ENEBA was born from many ideas among which was mainly to offer the thousands of users in the world a platform that offered the freedom to play online, but at the same time was reliable and secure, as well as accessible, which has been achieved over time as it has had the mission to provide entertainment to people through video games which has a variety of options available for different platforms and / or consoles including, PSN, Xbox, Nintendo, Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, or operating systems such as Mac, Linux, Windows, as well as various genres including adventure, strategy, simulation, fighting, puzzles, virtual reality, among other options available.

Popular software on ENEBA

In ENEBA you can find games by platforms by popular genre, by collection, by software, by popularity, which can be located from its categories of Store, Games, Cards for games, Cards, Game Points, Xbox, PSN, Nintendo Online, providing through operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, also from Netflix, Spotify, or for consoles such as Nintendo, PSN, Xbox where you can find games from action, adventure, puzzles, fighting, simulation, sports, racing, FIFA, you can also purchase available antivirus software, reading programs, paintings. Some popular games correspond to FIFA, Minecarft, Fortnite, Call of Duty.

Benefits of using ENEBA

Among the benefits of using ENEBA are the following:

  • Available from the mobile application.
  • Works from operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac, or from Netflix, Spotify, etc.
  • Games are available for PSN, Nintendo, Xbox, Steam, Apple, among others.
  • Operates in almost every country in the world (some exceptions).
  • There is a diversity of genres available to select from.
  • Eneba also offers antivirus software among other options.

Where, when and how to find ENEBA deals and sales

In ENEBA each one of the available games has its prices where you can find its discounts and / or offers, you can also find promotions from special dates such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, 11-11, among others, likewise if you wish you can subscribe to find all the news that this offers, or from its mobile application as well as from their social networks.

What deals you can find at ENEBA

Among the offers that can be found in ENEBA are:

  • 83% discount on Steam Key Global of Hearts of Iron.
  • 47% off on Marvl's Spider Man.
  • 54% off Grad Theft Auto V.
  • 46% off Fortnite Batman Zero Wing.

ENEBA discount codes

The discount codes that ENEBA offers are:

  • 10% discount on Xbox, using the code XBOXMOLA.
  • 10% discount on Resident Evil, using the code BOO10.
  • 7% discount on selected products using the code ROBUX7.
  • 3% additional discount on your order using the code XN3.

ENEBA new customer coupon

ENEBA offers new customers who wish to subscribe to make purchases of products available with all offers and / or rebates and their discount promotions and coupons which can apply and save on your first purchase.

ENEBA discount code for existing customers

Existing ENEBA customers can make use of all the discount codes that ENEBA has to offer, among them are:

  • code XN3, 3% additional discount on your order.
  • code ROBUX7, 7% discount on selected products.
  • code BOO10, 10% off on Resident Evil.
  • code XBOXMOLA, 10% off for Xbox.

ENEBA Black Friday coupons and promotional offers

During Black Friday discounts on ENEBA you can find very good discounts which can be up to 55% on selected products, plus an additional discount at checkout of 15%, promotions available only for this day. 

ENEBA Cyber Monday coupons and promotional offers

The products that ENEBA has are available for the Cyber Monday holiday with incredible discounts and / or offers in addition to wonderful discounts that can reach up to 70%, plus an additional 5% coupon, so you can take advantage of carrying from any platform, gender or operating system. 

ENEBA coupons and promotional offers for students

For ENEBA promotional offers are available for students to take any game selection they want.


Coupons and Deals
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10 December 2023

Useful information ENEBA

  • ENEBA Address:

4-333 Gyneju St., Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania.

  • ENEBA Customer Service

At ENEBA customer service is available only through a contact form.

  • ENEBA Payment Methods

In ENEBA are accepted payment methods made through credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, as well as through PayPal, Trustly, Neosurf, Paysafecard, bank transfer or through Eneba's wallet. In ENEBA payment methods may vary depending on the country from where the purchase is made.

  • How ENEBA software is delivered

ENEBA makes the delivery of its products through links or activation codes that will be delivered by means of an email to the electronic mail with which it was subscribed in the platform.

  • ENEBA delivery costs

ENEBA has no costs for the delivery of its products since this is done online.

  • ENEBA website:

In order to access ENEBA online platform this is done through this webpage.

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