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CouponELTIMA discount code: save 15% on your order10 July
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PromotionPromo for Eltima.com: up to 50% discount23 November

Everything you should know about Eltima.com

Eltima.com was born in 2001 with the purpose of presenting technology projects and software solutions that can be used on different platforms such as Windows, macOS, Linux and Android.

Eltima.com provides high-end and innovative tools that allow network communications, and to connect to remote computers from any computer, as well as its variety of applications which work perfectly and are designed to meet the needs of customers either from your mobile device, your desktop or the web.

Eltima.com is constantly working from research and development to make its programs reliable and adaptable to the demands of the business with innovative technology.

In Eltima.com its customers find virtual environments, serial port monitoring and redirection, cloud infrastructure, USB to remote desktops, multi-user systems over LAN and internet, secure data transfer to any USB device without the use of additional hardware tools.

Popular software in Eltima.com

Eltima.com has several products and software available among them are:

  • USB network gateway
  • FlexiHub
  • Donglify
  • Cable helper
  • Virtual serial port driver
  • Serial to ETHERNET connector
  • Enterprise Serial Port Monitoring features USB Network Gateway SDK
  • Serial to Ethernet Connector SDK
  • Port visualization technology
  • Cloud computing
  • Remote SCADA Access
  • Remote OBD
  • GPS data splitting

What are the benefits of using Eltima.com?

Here are some benefits you can have on Eltima.com:

  • It has updates of its products periodically.
  • Its products are compatible for all platforms such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android
  • It offers customized solutions for businesses
  • Programs that help to connect to remote computers from any computer
  • Its programs are designed to be used from a mobile, desktop or the web.
  • Technology integration
  • USB data transfer without the use of additional hardware.
  • Guarantee of its products in quality, technology and innovation.

Where, when and how to find offers and discounts Eltima.com

When visiting Eltima.com customers can get their product tab in which you must click on each one to locate their prices and see the offers that it has available, in addition to this you can visit the platform on special dates where you can get great discounts some dates may be Black Friday, Cyber Monday.

What offers you can find in Eltima.com

These are some of the offers that Eltima.com offers:

  • Save 15% on specified product.
  • 50% discount on eligible purchases
  • Get 50% off if you own an older version

Eltima.com discount codes

Using an Eltima.com coupon can give you up to 50% discount on the desired software program.

Eltima.com new customers coupon

New Eltima.com customers receive a 15% discount which is available for 3 months, you will receive the coupon upon registration.

Eltima.com discount code for existing customers

Existing Eltima.com customers can use a coupon with an additional 50% discount or promotional offers providing up to 15% discount.

Eltima.com Black Friday coupons and promotional offers

Black Friday is celebrated at Eltima.com with the delivery of wonderful promotional offers, as well as the delivery of great discounts which can be up to 65% off.

Eltima.com Cyber Monday Coupons and Promotional Offers

The savings that customers can get when shopping at Eltima.com are very nice, as they are delivered up to 72% and additional coupons from 10%, as well as good deals on their products.

Coupons and promotional offers Eltima.com for students

Eltima.com currently has no discounts available for students, but they can use general Eltima.com promotional codes that provide a 10% or 15% discount.


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Useful information Eltima.com

  • Eltima.com Address:

901 North Pitt Street Suite 101 Alexandria, VA 22314, USA.

  • Eltima.com Customer Service

For customer service at Eltima.com customers can call +12023358465 or send an email to [email protected] or from their social networks, as well as contact form for the sales department.

  • Eltima.com payment methods

Eltima.com payment methods include credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Union Pay, other options are PayPal, Wire Transfer, Web Money, Skrill Wallet.

  • How Eltima.com software is delivered

In Eltima.com software is delivered electronically through an email where you will receive a link to download the purchased software, as well as the license to register.

  • Eltima.com delivery costs

Eltima.com does not handle delivery costs for the purchase of its products since it is executed electronically.

  • Eltima.com website:

In order to enter the online platform of Eltima.com this is done through this website.

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