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Offer TypeDiscount DetailsExpires discount code: USD20 discount Bluejeans Enterprise05 August extra 15% coupon code29 July
Coupon20% coupon code for sitewide14 July

What stores are similar to Bluejeans? 

There are some pages that you can use where you will find similar products, in which you can make comparisons of their news these pages that Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Jitsi Meet. 

Can I pay in Bluejeans with PayPal? 

In Bluejeans you can make your payments through the PayPal digital wallet, as well as through a purchase order, but they are only available for corporate clients, also through credit cards. 

Special sales events for Bluejeans?

During the year you can get some times, seasons or holidays in which you can get discounts and offers on their products that you can take advantage of in making your purchases, these dates can be some like 

a. Black Friday discounts for Bluejeans this day is commonly celebrated in November, the day after the Black Friday celebration, its celebration comes from the US, and during this date you can get great discounts. 

b. Discounts of 11.11 (Singles Day) for Bluejeans as its name or mentions is made on November 11, this celebration comes from Asian countries and during this date you can get offers and discounts. 

c. Cyber ​​Monday discounts for Bluejeans during this holiday you will find huge discounts which correspond to make your purchases online, its celebration day is the Monday following Black Friday and has its origin in the USA. 

d. Christmas discounts for Bluejeans you get the Christmas discounts during the month of December, when you can get discounts and promotions to make your purchases. 

Where should I write the Bluejeans discount coupon?

Bluejeans does not have the ability to use discount coupons.

Does Bluejeans offer free shipping?

All shipments are free since they are packages you must download when making your subscription. 

What famous brands are sold in the Bluejeans online store? 

In Bluejeans you will not find brands since it corresponds to a program based on meetings or events by videoconference. 

Does Bluejeans have a mobile application for iPhone or Android? 

Bluejeans allows its customers to download the mobile application for iPhone and Android from which you can connect and make video conferences, share images and documents.

How long does it take for a Bluejeans product to arrive?

Once your payment has been confirmed, you can use your license via email and your Bluejeans account.

Are coupons currently available for Bluejeans? 

Currently Bluejeans does not offer discount coupons on its digital platform. How can I contact Bluejeans customer service? To contact customer service in Bluejeans you can do so by calling 8004039256, another way is by filling out a form from your page in the contact session or by sending an email to [email protected] 

What are the benefits of a coupon of Bluejeans? 

Using coupons in Bluejeans has its advantages since you can buy the product you need or adapt to your needs paying less than you expect, since Bluejeans allows your meetings to be easier, faster and more productive. 

How can I cancel my subscription on Bluejeans? 

To cancel the subscription in Bluejeans, you just have to log in to your account, choose administrator and select invoice management, which is reflected on the left side, locate license details and cancel your subscription. 

Do new Bluejeans customers receive exclusive coupons? 

Bluejeans currently does not have discount coupons, which is why new customers can enjoy their discount on their subscription. 

Does Bluejeans have coupons on social media? 

At the moment Bluejeans does not have discount coupons on its social networks. 

What is the maximum discount for Bluejeans? 

As a maximum discount on Bluejeans you can get a 20% applied for annual subscriptions. 

Is there a Bluejeans newsletter bonus as a thank you for signing up? 

By registering with Bluejeans you can receive information of interests regarding the news of their products. 

Is there a secret tip to save on Bluejeans? 

Bluejeans is a digital platform that offers its users a variety of products at very good prices, which you can choose from its special discounts, you can also subscribe and keep up to date with the news in its products, it should be noted that there are certain times of the year , as well as sales holidays in which you can even save more than you suppose, these special dates can be some of them like Christmas, Cyber ​​Monday, Black Friday.


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