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Offer TypeDiscount DetailsExpires
CouponAliexpress September Coupon: save 3 USD on orders over 25 USD02 October
CouponAliexpress September Coupon: save 6USD on orders over 50 USD01 October
CouponAliexpress September Coupon: save 14 USD on orders over 120 USD01 October
CouponSave $5 with this Aliexpress coupon code on orders over $4531 August


Why not saving some money by buying from one of the world’s largest Internet companies? ALIEXPRESS is your destination when it comes to online shopping because it offers you access to a wide array of products: from men’s and women’s fashion, electronics and toys to jewelry, furniture, health and beauty products and even bicycles. You won’t be able to say no especially when you can choose between vouchers, special offers and all kind of discounts here at Promonix.


  • Coupons

At Promonix you can find different kind of coupons updated daily. Some of the coupon codes that you can find for ALIEXPRESS store gives you a discount as a fixed dollar value (such as $4 on selected stores from the official website) while others gives you a certain percentage off for your final purchase (especially when you spend a certain amount of money). You always have to check the terms and conditions to see what code is more suitable for you. 

  • Free offers

You will be surprised to find out that sometimes you can get free standard shipping worldwide from the sellers at ALIEXPRESS. Moreover, there are sellers who always offer free standard shipping in some countries as well as free express shipping when you spend a certain amount of money on ALIEXPRESS store. 

  • Sales and discounts

When it comes to sales and discounts, you should always check the Flash Deals category where you can save more than 50% off on many items you will probably like. Usually these deals are available for a limited time only. That is why it is worth signing up for the newsletter or downloading the app to be the first who knows about all these special deals. Don’t forget that you can also save money when it is the company anniversary or when there is activated the final season sale. 


To redeem your voucher code for ALIEXPRESS, all you have to do is to choose the one suitable for your order, click on the box Get Code, copy that code and go to the official website of the store to paste the code at the checkout in the promotional box provided. Sometimes you can find promotions available without an actual code. If this happens you have to press the View Deal button and Promonix will get you directly to the promotion page.


If you want to save more, you have to keep in mind that only by checking daily the Promonix website you will stay updated with the latest coupons and promotional offer. Of course, signing up to the ALIEXPRESS newsletter it is another way that will help you save money and even time. And remember that ALIEXPRESS is not the only store that gives such a wide array of products. Browse and choose vouchers from similar websites including eBay or CAFAGO. For fashion, you can try KINISUS.


When we want to order something from a store it is recommended to read the terms and conditions regarding shipping, refunds and payments. ALIEXPRESS is an online marketplace where you can find more than 100 million product ranges from many sellers. This means that each seller decides the payment method you can use as well as the shipping costs and estimated delivery time. There is no need to worry because all of these information it is provided right before finalizing your purchase. And if you have any doubts or questions you can always contact the seller. 

  • Payment: Credit or Debit Card (VISA,  Mastercard, Maestro, American Express), WebMoney, Western Union, Bank Transfer, Giropay
  • Shipping: There are variable shipping costs but you can always choose free standard shipping if you are patient and you can wait up to 45 days to receive your order. Sometimes you can benefit from free express shipping if your order exceeds a certain amount of money. The shipping methods are set up by suppliers and it is highly recommended to contact the supplier for more information on shipping costs. Keep in mind that ALIEXPRESS offers worldwide delivery in more than 200 countries and regions.
  • Return (exchange) – Like many other big companies, AliExpress has a policy when it comes to refund or exchange. With its Buyer Protection program you can shop with confidence from the website. If your order is not received within the Buyer Protection period or you received an item that is not the same as the one on the websites, you can get a refund within 15 days after you raise your enquiry. First of all you have to contact the seller and check possible solutions to your problem. If the seller doesn’t want to help you, you can raise a claim by opening a dispute and contact AliExpress to help you with it.
  • Contact – If you need any assistance and you can’t find the answer at the FAQ page, you can chat live with Customer service representatives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Or you can contact directly the seller. Go to the product detail page and click Contact now to send a message to seller.


If you can’t redeem your code, you don’t have to panic. There are few mistakes one can do when trying to get the code. 

  • Correctly entered code? Check once again if you really applied the code correctly as it is displayed on Promonix page. Maybe you have typed it wrong and the system does not recognize it
  • Redemption conditions observed? Every coupon code or promotional offers has it terms and conditions. For instance, discounts that only applies to selected items or category. You always have to check the details for all the coupons and see which one is suitable for you.
  • Code already used? You can use only once each coupon. If you want to save more, you have to find another code on Promonix page for the store you have chosen. 


Download the app and shop-on-go. You get a welcome gift and you can search for your favorite items anytime, anywhere. Stay in touch with ALIEXPRESS on social media and you will be the first to know what’s on sale. Check Instagram, Facebook and Twitter daily, join the community and take part of the global shopping festival. Also known as Singles’ Day, this festival happens in November and it is the biggest sale of the year on You can save up to 90% off on many household items and electronics. 


Launched in 2010, ALIEXPRESS is owned by Alibaba Group, a vast Chinese multinational company that focuses on e-commerce and computing. It has known success since the beginning and it is nowadays recognized as a trustworthy company that offers a wide array of products spread into more than 20 categories. From your favorite gadgets to clothing and accessories for a stunning outfit to incredible household products, ALIEXPRESS offers everything you need. Thanks to the fact that almost all the sellers are based in China, you can find the cheapest prices ever as well as free shipping over the world. Furthermore, ALIEXPRESS comes in handy with exclusive prices and new user gift for every new customer that creates an account.


New users get a super benefit from Aliexpress based on coupon. Thus, if the customer is new, and has never made a purchase in this online store, he can use the ALIEPRESS coupon with 3 USD discount for orders larger than only 4 USD. This coupon can be used together with other promotional offers, including sellers' coupons, but it cannot be used together with another general coupon offered by Aliexpress for existing customers and which we will talk about below.


Many wonder what Aliexpress coupons are and what they are worth only to old customers. Well, discounts for those who already have a purchase in this online store coupon-based discounts start at $ 3 and generally reach $ 12. In some cases, with certain specific events, such as BLACK FRIDAY, CYBER MONDAY, 11.11, SUMMER SALE, WINTER SALE, ANNIVERSARY SALE or BRANDS SHOPPING WEEK these coupons can even reach a $ 50 discount for large shopping cart values. We must also remember that these coupons can be different from one country to another, most local promotions being those for BRAZIL, SPAIN, FRANCE and POLAND. Another aspect is that an Aliexpress coupon for returnig customers is generally valid for a limited period of time, during major discount events.


Aliexpress is famous for the big discount events of a year. These discounts are both based on promotional offers and based on a discount coupon. BLACK FRIDAY, CYBER MONDAY, 11.11, SUMMER SALE, WINTER SALE, ANNIVERSARY SALE, BACK TO SCHOOL or BRANDS SHOPPING WEEK are just a few of them and we will explain them in detail in the lines below. Discounts at these super events are up to 70% and discount coupons are worth between $ 3 and $ 28, sometimes even higher.

  • ALIEXPRESS 11.11

11.11 is by far the biggest Aliexpress discount event, with total sales of over $ 12 billion and growing year on year. It is already known that technology enthusiasts, and not only, are looking forward to this day of November 11, 11.11 SHOPPING FESTIVAL, where the discounts are the highest of the year, up to 90% together with an ALIEXPRESS 11.11 coupon. In general, the value of a coupon for this event starts at 3USD and reaches up to 50USD for large shopping values. Cumulatively, these Aliexpress coupons for 11.11 and promotional offers make it possible for you to get the best price of the year!


After the already famous 11.11 SHOPPING FESTIVAL at ALIXPRESS, in the same month, NOVEMBER, follows another very important event: BLACK FRIDAY. This special discount event is generally on the last Friday in November, but it can be different from year to year, but one thing is clear: it takes place on a Friday. And the discounts are in line with the name: BLACK FRIDAY coupons with discounts between 5 USD and 30 USD and promotions with 50%, 60% and even 70% discount. You must pay special attention to the date on which this event takes place: it may be different from other stores! Here, on our coupons and promo offers page, you will always find the latest Aliexpress information and coupons for Black Friday!


CYBER MONDAY is nothing more than an extension of BLACK FRIDAY, and that's because it's only 3 days away. So, if you haven't been able to buy what you want at the best price on BLACK FRIDAY, a new round of discounts with other coupons and other promotions is coming very quickly. In general, coupons are also worth between $ 3 and $ 30, and promotions of up to 70% are generally technology-focused: smartphones, tablets, laptops, drones, and many, many other products.


The end of JUNE brings with it SUMMER SALE from ALIEXPRESS, a discount festival that lasts almost a week and in which you will find super prices on thousands of items, from fashion to toys, and from home and garden items to phones state-of-the-art furniture. In the fashion category, the discounts reach up to 90%, while for other product categories the discounts are up to 50%. To these promotions you can successfully add an Alixpress coupon code worth 3 USD for new customers, or promotional coupons for old customers which are between 3 USD and 28 USD.


In the week after the new year, the ALIEXPRESS WINTER SALE discount campaign begins, which for about a week has promotional offers and discount coupons. Discounts reach up to 65% of the initial price, and by using an ALIEXPRESS WINTER SALE Coupon you can get an additional up to 28 USD discount. An ALIEXPRESS WINTER SALE coupon can be used for any of the promotions and can also be combined with a marketplace coupon.


BACK TO SCHOOL is an ALIEXPRESS campaign with discounts before school starts, a campaign that usually takes place in early August. Discounts are, both on the basis of a promotional coupon and through direct offers, on almost all product categories. However, there are the biggest discounts on clothes, school supplies, smart mobile phones, tablets and toys. ALIEXPRESS BACK TO SCHOOL coupons have values ​​between 5 USD and 12 USD, and can be higher in the case of purchases from certain countries such as Spain, Poland, Brazil or France.


As the name suggests, ALIEXPRESS ANNIVERSARY SALE is a festival of discounts on the occasion of the celebration of this online store. Usually, the Aliexpress anniversary takes place at the end of March, for a week. These days, the ALIEXPRESS ANNIVERSARY SALE promotions as well as the ALIEXPRESS ANNIVERSARY SALE promo codes offer you more and more discounts from year to year. Using an ALIEXPRESS ANNIVERSARY SALE Coupon brings a discount that starts at $ 3 for new customers and goes up to $ 30 for returning customers. Cumulated with the discounts offered through promotional offers, the week in which Aliexpress is celebrated is the most important in terms of spring discounts from


XIAOMI, ASOS, HUAWEI, SHEIN, UGREEN, ANKER, ILIFE, REOLINK, BASEUS, ISEE, UMIDIGI, DEKO, YI are just some of the famous bands that come with super discounts! In the week of this event, discount coupons are offered for one week and range from $ 4 to $ 28. In addition to the general coupons offered by ALIEXPRESS, almost all of these brands have specific coupons offered by sellers, coupons with values ​​of 1 USD, 2 USD, 3 USD and up to 10 USD. It should be noted that these Aliexpress Sellers Coupons can be combined with other general offers with ALIEXPRESS BRANDS SHOPPING WEEK coupons.


How can I get discount coupons for Aliexpress?

In order to obtain discount coupons for Aliexpress, you must visit a site dedicated to them, such as this page of ours, or subscribe to the Aliexpress newsletter. Also, on the Aliexpress sellers page you can find discount coupons for the products sold by them.

What is the Aliexpress promotional coupon?

The Aliexress promotional coupon is a word or a combination of letters and numbers that can be added in a box, in the shopping cart, before completing the order. Write this coupon, press the APPLY button and get the corresponding discount.

What is a new Aliexpress user coupon?

An Aliexpress new user coupon is a combination of numbers and letters that bring you a discount for your first order on Aliexpress. Depending on the value of your first comparison, this Aliexpress coupon for new purchases is worth $ 3 for orders over $ 4 or $ 5 for orders over $ 10 (the latter is valid for purchases in Europe).

How can I get free shipping from Aliexpress?

Free shipping can only be obtained from sellers who have this option. So, if you have products in the shopping cart from the same seller, it is very likely to have free, standard shipping, depending on the value of the purchase. It should be noted that for most products, there are different sellers: some offer free shipping, others do not. So, for the same product you can find in Aliexpress a seller to offer this feature. Rarely, an Aliepxress coupon can be used for free shipping.

How to place an order on Aliexpress?

To place an order on Aliexpress you must follow the steps:

  1. Add the products to the shopping cart
  2. Choose the warehouse and the color or size (where applicable)
  3. If you have the option to add an Aliexpress coupon do not hesitate to write it
  4. Choose the desired mode of transport and payment method.
  5. Press the BUY NOW or ADD TO CART button
  6. After making the payment you will get a tracking code to track the order.

How can I get my Aliexpress order faster?

In order to receive an order from Aliexpress faster, it is important to choose the products from a warehouse as close as possible to you and AliExpress Premium Shipping by express courier (DHL, Fedex or TNT).

Can I pay with PayPal on Aliexpress?

The answer is yes and no. There are some Aliexpress sellers who accept payment via PayPal, but the number of places is somewhat small compared to the number of sellers on the site. So, for the same type of product you can find sellers who accept PayPal and sellers who do not accept.

How do you get an invitation code for Aliexpress?

Invite a friend to Aliexpress and receive a $ 5 coupon. In order to obtain the Aliexpress invitation code that you can offer to your friends or publish it on social media networks, it is necessary that you have an active Aliexpress account, and in the iOS or ANDROID application you have the option "invite friends and get US 5 $)
How and where do I find Aliexpress promo code?

How to get Aliexpress premium shipping?

To get Aliexpress premium shipping you need to follow the steps:

  1. Go to the product page you want
  2. Below the product picture you have the STANDARD SHIPPING and ALIEXPRESS PREMIUM SHIPPING options.
  3. Select the color or size of the product (where applicable) and then use the BUY NOW or ADD TO CART buttons.
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To use an voucher code you must follow the steps:

1. Put products in shopping cart

2. Go to your shopping cart and to be able to continue you have to login with your email address and password (if you already have an account on Ali) or to make a new account from AliExpress.

3. Go again to the shopping cart once you are already in the account of the AliExpress logged in, then under the products in the shopping basket write Store promotion and a box in the box that says Get Selling Coupons. Click on this text and it opens a menu in which appear the coupons that you can choose from a list.

4. Choose the voucher you want and then clicked on the Buy All or Buy From This Seller

5. After you enter all the shipping information (name, address, mobile phone), after you review your shopping cart, a box appears on the by you have to tick in the right they write Apply AliExpress Coupon and is automatically selected on the You don't have any coupons, it is selected a coupon already chosen in the previous step or it is a box where you can add a coupon again.

6. After you check the Apply AliExpress Coupon you can click successfully on the Confirm & Pay and your order will benefit from the voucher added.

Aliexpress Coupon Code

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ALIEXPRESS is by far the largest online store from China delivered in anywhere in the world, the shipping of the products is FREE of charge, and soon allow the use of vouchers and discount codes. ALIEXPRESS is found almost all kind of products you want to buy: electronics, mobile phones and tablets up to clothes, jewelry, watches, products for the home, garden, accessories for cars and motorcycles, and many many more.

AliExpress Address 

699 Wang Shang Road, Binjiang District
310052 Hangzhou

AliExpress Shipping Information

  • Free Standard Shipping
  • Express Shipping via UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT and EMS; costs depend on each seller and the delivery destination

AliExpress Customer Service

Online chat: 24/24 on Aliexpress Support Page

AliExpress on Social Media

You can follow or contact Aliexpress on social netoworks in order to see the latest news, products launches or cupon codes.


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