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Everything you need to know about is considered until today as one of the most recognized airlines worldwide, this was founded in 1997 which since its inception has worked with the purpose of providing its thousands of customers on all continents the best experiences in and out of the air, as it has excellent service for travel planning and the best way to provide its services to its customers while they reach their destination through different ways including special services, for pregnant women, travel with children or pets, as well as special meals to satisfy their customers. is awarded with 5 stars being one of the best airlines because through its quality and excellence in its service provided has a qualified staff which provides confidence when traveling. popular destinations

The most popular destinations for are:

  • Cairo
  • Manila
  • Kathmandu
  • Istanbul
  • Maldives
  • Canberra
  • London
  • United States
  • Greece
  • Australia
  • Malaysia
  • Sweden
  • Portugal
  • Lisbon
  • Morocco
  • Australia
  • Philippines

Benefits of using

Benefits of using include:

  • Booking can be done from the mobile application 
  • Meet the dietary needs of your customers
  • WIFI available to customers 
  • Destinations available to all continents
  • Customers can enjoy transit accommodations and VIP lounges if needed
  • Qatar Airways offers the best in-flight experience through training
  • Customers can select from first class, business class and economy class.

Where, when and how to find deals and sales

From its online platform customers can find the best deals and promotions available for their travels, it is worth mentioning that there are several special dates where you can find great and good discounts for customers to save on their reservations, these dates can be Black Friday, Cyber Monday, among others.

What deals you can find at

Among the deals available at are some like:

  • 12 % discount on for selected destinations.
  • 4,000 Avios points for your first flight
  • promotional offer for India: 12% discount
  • 20% discount on flights booked this week discount codes

  • Today's offer: 12% discount
  • Join a club now and get 4000 bons Avios points
  • promo code: 20% discount on flights booked this month new customer coupon

New customers get up to 5000 Avios points on their first flight. discount code for existing customers

For existing customers of the network, there are several promotional codes available: 

  • promotional code for the first booking: up to 5,000 Avios points free of charge.
  • coupon with 12% discount
  • promo code valid for selected flights in the current offer: 20% off Black Friday coupons and promotional offers

During the Black Friday discounts at you can find great discounts of up to 75% off, with which you can save and book in time for any place you want. Cyber Monday coupons and promotional offers

The discounts offered by for the special event of Cyber Monday are wonderful because for this day you can get huge discounts of up to 80% to save and make the reservation of those vacations, or pleasure trips to paradisiacal places either beach or a walk in the mountains, in addition to this day you will find additional discount coupons from 5%. coupons and promotional offers for students does not have coupons and promotional offers for students.


Coupons and Deals
Coupons Last Updated: Today
10 December 2023 useful information

  • address

Qatar Airways Tower, Doha, State of Qatar.

  • customer service

As a customer service has a phone line to make a call to the number 97440230000 or if you prefer through a contact form, or through their social networks.

  • payment methods

Payment methods accepted by include major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, Union Pay, as well as digital wallets such as PayPal, Apple Pay, GPay, Alipay, RuPay or through Sofort and IDeal.

  • How delivers the reservation delivers your tickets online via email where you will receive your confirmation and ticket.

  • reservation delivery costs does not charge for the delivery of your issued tickets as it is done online.

  • official website

To access the online platform, please go to this web page.

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