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CouponEver-Pretty.com promotional code: save 20% on your order28 December
CouponCoupon code for Ever-Pretty.com: 15% select dresses29 September
PromotionFree shipping coupon for Ever-Pretty.com order over USD6029 December
CouponEver-Pretty.com 10% promo code08 February

Everything you should know about Ever-Pretty.com

Ever-Pretty.com was founded in 2005 in California with the purpose of making changes in European fashion. In Ever-Pretty.com are designed all products provided on the online platform, thus locating the best trends in the industry of modern life, from where you can find products available for all occasions that arise either a wedding, a date or a graduation, you will find the perfect outfit for the moment, from the platform customers can select products by occasion, by color, by fabric, by style or trend, as well as you can also get exclusive collections, perfect products with which you can look and feel good.

Product categories for sale at Ever-Pretty.com

Among the categories that Ever-Pretty.com has available for the search of its products are:

  • Home
  • New arrivals
  • All Dresses
  • Plus Size
  • Wedding Shop
  • Mother's dresses
  • Wedding guest dresses
  • Sale
  • Custom Sizing
  • Blog

What are the benefits of using Ever-Pretty.com?

Among the benefits that customers have when shopping at Ever-Pretty.com we can mention some of them as:

  • 24-hour customer service.
  • Customers can make free returns on orders over $60.
  • Purchases of their products are processed securely.
  • Customers can get dresses for any occasion 
  • At Ever-Pretty.com you can find the best fashion trends and products.
  • They offer European fashion styles
  • Ever-Pretty.com offers different ways to save money as they have available different offers and discounts on their dresses. 
  • Customers can enjoy free shipping

Where, when and how to find Ever-Pretty.com deals and rebates

Ever-Pretty.com has for its customers a category of rebates available where they can get novel discounts and rebates, as well as promotional offers, in addition to this customers can visit the online page on special and specific dates either for Black Friday or Cyber Monday where they can locate novel and great discounts.

What deals can you find on Ever-Pretty.com?

Ever-Pretty.com has a wide variety of deals available from their online page among which are:

  • 3 dresses for $50
  • 15% off free gift with sign up to use on your first purchase
  • 50% discount on selected items on promotional offer
  • $10 promotional coupon for orders over $80

Ever-Pretty.com Discount Codes

Some discount codes Ever-Pretty.com has available are:

  • 10% off pink dresses by applying a promo code.
  • 15% off white dresses using the code WH15, this promotion can only be used when making a purchase of $80 or more.
  • 10$ discount applying a code, this promotion is only available for purchases over 80$.
  • On purchases over $120 you will get $15 off by applying a discount code Ever-Pretty.com.

Ever-Pretty.com New Customers Coupon

Ever-Pretty.com new customers can enjoy the available coupons of: 

  • 10% discount for dresses
  • 15% discount for purchases equal to or greater than $80.00
  • On purchases over $80 you can enjoy a $10 discount.
  • For purchases over $120, you can enjoy a $15 discount.

Ever-Pretty.com discount code for existing customers

Existing Ever-Pretty.com customers can make use of the coupons that Ever-Pretty.com has available including:

  • For purchases of $80 or more, customers can enjoy a $10 discount.
  • For purchases equal to or greater than $120 customers can enjoy a $15 discount by applying a discount code
  • 15% discount using the code WH15, for the purchase of white dresses. 
  • For pink dresses customers can apply a 10% discount using the code PINK10. 

Ever-Pretty.com Black Friday Coupons and Promotional Offers

Ever-Pretty.com products have incredible discounts available for this day only, these discounts can be up to 77% off as well as additional discount coupons starting at 10% off.

Ever-Pretty.com Cyber Monday Coupons and Promotional Offers

At Ever-Pretty.com you can save on shopping during Cyber Monday because for this date they give great discounts which can be up to 80% available, as well as additional coupons from 5% and / or promotional sales offers from $ 10.

Ever-Pretty.com Coupons and Promotional Offers for Students

Ever-Pretty.com has a 15% discount available for students.


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Useful information Ever-Pretty.com

  • Ever-Pretty.com Address:

16271 Noyes Avenue, Irvine USA 92614.

  • Ever-Pretty.com Customer Service

To contact customer service at Ever-Pretty.com one of the methods available is via email at [email protected] , as well as via online chat or by calling 18553773889 or 17145088118, as well as via a contact form.

  • Ever-Pretty.com Payment Methods

There are several methods of payment accepted at Ever-Pretty.com among which are those made through major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, or if you prefer through PayPal, Gpay, ShopPay, Amazon Pay.

  • How products sold by Ever-Pretty.com are delivered

Ever-Pretty.com products are delivered by Air Mail, Express and Air Mail, which have an estimated delivery time of 2 to 4 days in the United States and 5 to 30 business days for international shipments.

  • Ever-Pretty.com Delivery Costs

In Ever-Pretty.com for orders placed within the United States the cost of delivery varies depending on the selected method among which are the standard shipping which has a cost of $ 11.99 and expedited shipping which has a cost of $ 17.99, the shipping costs of the products may vary depending on the weight of the product.

  • Ever-Pretty.com website:

In order to enter the Ever-Pretty.com online platform this is done through this website.

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