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ROSEWHOLESALE is a great online store international fashion clothing for women, men and children, with clothes "plus size" for those who do not find in the shops suitable clothes, watches, jewelry, shoes, purses and various accessories. The area of the "CLEARANCE" of the site has fantastic discounts and prices and so very small on the site may be added a discount code for the discount.

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Payment for products ordered online from the warehouse can be paid by:

1. PayPal, the most popular online payment methods and also the method recommended by us as the benefit of the guarantee offered by PayPal.

2. Bank Card VISA or MasterCard attached to the account of PayPal

3. Bank transfer International: it is accepted on orders of more than $1500 because the costs with the fees for sending money from United Kingdom banks in Hong Kong is quite high

4. Western Union, through this method it gets an additional discount of 5% of the amount ordered if the order is more than $300, and that definitely cover the fee to send money. If you choose this method you must send to the site, after you have made the payment, the code MTCN, sender name, amount sent, address in the newsletter of the person who sent the money and the address where you want to arrive the package.

Delivery of the ordered products from the is made by the following methods:

1. Flat Rate Shipping: package arrives in UK in a period between 7 and 25 days, through the Royal Mail.

2. Standard Rate Shipping: the parcel arrives through the post or courier in a period included between 6 and 10 days

3. Expedited Rate Shipping: package arrives in Europe in 3 to 7 days, by courier international famous, DHL, TNT, FedEx or UPS.


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30 May 2024

How to use a ROSEWHOLESALE discount code?

To use a Rose WholeSale voucher taken from our site you must follow these steps:

1. Once the products are put in the shopping cart have to click in the top right on the symbol of the shopping bag to enter in the SHOPPING BAG.

2. In the shopping cart you can see all the ordered products then in the right, write the PROMOTION CODE and it is the box where you have added the voucher discount taken from us on the site.

3. After you put the coupon RoseWholeSale in the box for the PROMOTION CODE (about the text USE COUPON SAVE MORE) you need to click on APPLY for the reduction to be applied immediately.

4. After you have clicked on APPLY the reduction occurs immediately to the GRAND TOTAL and can be completed the command successfully by a click on the check out with PayPal (if you want to pay with credit PayPal what you have already or by bank card VISA or MASTERCARD attached to the account from PayPal) or PROCEED TO CHECKOUT if you wish to pay by Bank Transfer or by Western Union (in which case you got 5% discount).

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