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Everything you should know about SONOS

SONOS was established by four friends named Jhon MacFarlane, Tom Cullen, Trung Mai and Craig Shelburne, in the United States in the city of California, specifically in Santa Barbara, these friends despite the impediments presented at that time did not give up as they maintained the conviction to move forward to provide everything necessary to create sounds to create music, after many efforts was consolidating to form your company thus offering new styles and new horizons for its customers.

SONOS offers to its different customers in different parts of the world products such as portable speakers, home theater, speakers, outdoor speakers, ceiling and wall speakers, wireless speakers, amp, audio components, accessories such as shelves, mounts, stands, charger, cable, turntables, speaker grilles.

Product categories for sale at SONOS

The product categories offered by SONOS are:

  • Buy
  • Get to know
  • Support
  • Radio
  • Gift Guide

What are the benefits of using SONOS?

SONOS offers its customers some benefits such as:

  • Free delivery promotion
  • Guides and manuals for your users
  • Free returns within 100 days 
  • App available for your equipment
  • Product upgrade programs

Where, when and how to find SONOS offers and rebates

SONOS presents from its platform a variety of products with rebates and discounts available, likewise visiting their physical store you can find some promotions, another way to find is on special dates such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, 11-11, Christmas, among others.

What offers you can find at SONOS

Among the offers currently available at SONOS are:

  • Offers up to 100% off on selected products.
  • 30% discount on eligible products
  • 15% discount for first responders and healthcare workers.

SONOS discount codes

Among the codes currently offered by SONOS are:

  • 10% off with code SONOSFALL10
  • 15% discount with code BACKTOSCHOOL15

SONOS new customer coupons

SONOS is not offering coupons for new customers, however, new customers can still make use of their available promotions and discounts.

SONOS discount code for existing customers

Existing SONOS customers can apply the promotions that SONOS has available, from its platform and in its physical store, including:

  • Code SONOSFALL10, which offers a 10% discount.
  • Code BACKTOSCHOOL15, which offers a 15% discount.

SONOS Black Friday coupons and promotional offers

Black Friday is one of the sales holidays that SONOS offers very good promotions among which we can get discounts up to 60% off with extra discounts up to 20% off.

SONOS Cyber Monday coupons and promotional offers

The products offered by SONOS have special promotions during the Cyber Monday sales holiday, as it has for its online customers discounts from 65%, with additional extra coupons of 15%.

SONOS coupons and promotional offers for students

Students at SONOS can enjoy a 15% discount available to make their purchases and save as well as benefit from their available promotions.


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31 May 2024

Useful information SONOS

  • SONOS Address:

614 Chapala Street, Santa Barbara, California, CA 93101 USA.

  • SONOS Customer Service

The customer service offered by SONOS to its customers can be through a phone call to +31858884334 or via email sent from its platform.

  • SONOS payment methods

SONOS accepts as payment methods those issued through different credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or through PayPal or Klarna.

  • How products sold by SONOS are delivered

SONOS delivers its products through FedEx with an estimated delivery time of 4 business days for the United States, for other countries you must select from the website of the country of purchase.

  • SONOS delivery costs

SONOS offers completely free standard deliveries for some European Union countries, as well as for the USA.

  • SONOS website:

In order to enter the SONOS online platform this is done through this website.

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