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Everything you should know about PositiveGrid.com

PositiveGrid.com is a company which was established in 2013 with the purpose of being able to innovate through technology between sound and design to create experiences from simple applications with the main objective of allowing its customers to record music through new sounds.

PositiveGrid.com is constantly evolving to present its customers day after day the best way to discover the musical potential through its applications, packages and software available and that they are accessible, from where you can perform as a programmer or sound designer, and even compose or record through the available tones.

PositiveGrid.com has available smart guitar amp, amp and effects software, software expansion, guitar interfaces, bundles, audio interface packages.

Product categories for sale at PositiveGrid.com

The software products offered by PositiveGrid.com:

  • smart guitar amplifier
  • effects and amplifier software,
  • software expansion
  • guitar interfaces
  • accessories
  • customize

What are the benefits of using PositiveGrid.com?

The benefits of using PositiveGrid.com are:

  • Codes and discounts available
  • Free delivery promotion
  • Home equipment 
  • Over 1000 ringtones available 
  • Incredible and impressive effects

Where, when and how to find PositiveGrid.com offers and rebates

From their merchant category on PositiveGrid.com you can find all their products with deals and discounts applied, another way to find some good deals and discounts is during holidays like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas among others.

What offers you can find in PositiveGrid.com

The deals that POSTIVEGRID.COM offers are:

  • 20$ off Spark
  • 10$ off all their products 
  • 55% off Bias guitars 
  • 80$ off Rifle

PositiveGrid.com discount codes

PositiveGrid.com discount codes available are:

  • 20$ off Spark by applying the code HALLOWEEN20
  • 55% off BIAS guitars by applying the code HALLOWEEN20

PositiveGrid.com New Customers Coupon

New PositiveGrid.com customers can shop with the offers PositiveGrid.com has available from their store.

PositiveGrid.com Discount Code for Existing Customers

Existing PositiveGrid.com customers can enjoy:

  • Code HALLOWEEN20 with $20 off Spark.
  • Code HALLOWEEN20 for 55% off BIAS guitars

PositiveGrid.com Black Friday Coupons & Promotional Offers

The deals and promotions that PositiveGrid.com has available for the Black Friday sales holiday is mega unbeatable as they have discounts available that can be up to 77% off for this day alone.

PositiveGrid.com Cyber Monday Coupons and Promotional Offers

A very special date for online customers of PositiveGrid.com is the Cyber Monday sales holiday and for this day customers can shop online to enjoy great promotions and great discounts which can be up to 80% on some of their products with extra coupons of 5%.

PositiveGrid.com Coupons and Promotional Offers for Students

PositiveGrid.com currently allows student customers to shop with the offers it provides.


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31 May 2024

Useful information PositiveGrid.com

  • PositiveGrid.com Address:

Flat/rm A 12/f Kiu Fu Comm, Bldg 300 Lockhart Rd Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

  • PositiveGrid.com Customer Service

PositiveGrid.com customer service can be done through a contact form or an online chat.

  • PositiveGrid.com Payment Methods

The payment methods accepted in the purchases of PositiveGrid.com are those made through credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express or if you prefer through PayPal.

  • How the products sold by PositiveGrid.com are delivered

PositiveGrid.com products are delivered in two ways one of them is online through a software license via a link in your account and delivery to your destination which is handled as delivery time between 5 and 7 business days.

  • PositiveGrid.com Delivery Costs

PositiveGrid.com delivers its products free of charge.

  • PositiveGrid.com website:

In order to access the PositiveGrid.com online platform this is done through this web page

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