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LOTTE is the Korean online store where you can meet the latest trends in high quality fashion and lifestyle. It obtained the 1st place in the operating profits of the shopping industry. Provides services 24 hours a day and 365 days a year for customers in Korea and abroad. In addition to the good prices in the store, we offer below a list of the latest promotional offers and coupons for

Offer TypeDiscount DetailsExpires
Promotion3% discount on sanitary napkins with LOTTE coupon04 June
PromotionVisit now the coupon zone and get up to 20% discount01 January
PromotionLuxury cosmetics coupon: save 9% on purchase over 30,000 won04 June
PromotionSpecial coupon code for LOTTE with 20% discount13 June ( was Korea's first online shopping center founded in June 1996. It led the growth of the Korean distribution industry, providing a pleasant environment for high quality shopping, products and services and a system. advanced distribution. The LOTTE online store has made steady progress, currently offering 850,000 product lines, fast and secure shipping and various customer satisfaction programs. Do not miss the best discounts on the following product categories: Luxury fashion, sports / leisure, cosmetics, food, fashion accessories, electronics, children's products. Products from popular brands that guarantee 100% quality. Visit for a smart view, take a quick look at top-selling items, famous brands, membership rewards, coupons, and more! Take advantage of card payment benefits, get additional discounts immediately.

Enjoy the best promotions on the site first. Discover new promotions every day! Don't miss discount coupons every day! LOTTE consolidates a range of products and services, creating a high-tech online shopping environment, stimulating a new environment and actively seeking new opportunities to satisfy customers. It is the online store, which offers: electronics, IT and home appliances, clothes, footwear, children's items, toys, personal care, sports, etc. with discounts of up to 90%. Experience the whole shopping experience presented at LOTTE, get acquainted with Korea's strongest customs-free brand and enjoy the new mobile shopping experience, faster and easier for everyone. LOTTE orders have always been delivered within the promised time frame and have reached LOTTE customers safely. The prices are competitive and the range of products available is excellent. Remember, find the best discount codes and coupons every day! Find here and share the best offers, promotional codes and vouchers on LOTTE.COM.

All the discounts in one place! Coupons, promo codes and promotions for the best brands. Once you get the unique discount code, enter on, add in the basket the products you want to order. Select "View Cart" and add the unique discount code obtained in the "REDUCTION CODE" field, with which you benefit from a discount on your order. The discount applies only to products with full price, each voucher code / coupon code can be used only once. Get the latest discount coupons right now in your email. is your online destination for happy shopping.


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