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JOINS Coupons ✅ Discount Codes ✅ Promo Codes is a platform that owns 140 magazines from all fields and newspapers, is part of Joong Ang Group. JoongAng Ilbo is a South Korean daily published in Seoul, South Korea. It is one of the three largest newspapers in South Korea. It also has an English edition, Korea JoongAng Daily, in alliance with the International New York Times. Here you have some of the best prices. And, using a JOINS coupon or activating a promotional offer, the price becomes even better.

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On you can find all the magazines at one price! The monthly payment is economical and reasonable. Discounts of up to 50% on the subscription. Read anywhere on your PC, mobile or tablet anytime. Categories of news and news such as: Fashion / Beauty, Economy, Hobbies, Architecture / Art, Science / IT, Travel / Life / Childcare. Take advantage of discounts, gifts, Vouchers and many surprises - Megabox get up to 9,000 discounts earned, 10% discount on CU mobile gift certificates and 50% discount on JTBC VOD. (When purchasing a premium subscription). Super discount for the JoongAng Ilbo reader! Special offers for JoongAng Ilbo readers only! Check out the Special Packages page, get a special masterpiece cartoon package now. To buy subscriptions using the online payment system you need a credit card or you can pay through Giro.

After requesting a subscription, the customer service center will call you (1588-3600). With Joins you enjoy the great benefits, the door opening for benefits, central membership, this is a membership service for readers who subscribe to the content of the central group (Jungang Ilbo, Megabox VIP, JoinPrime etc.). If you join the central membership, you can use Phoenix Park, Hanwha Resort (on weekdays), Yongpyong Resort, etc., free of charge. When you watch the movie Megabox, you can get 1,000 additional discounts won (up to 9,000 won), 10% discount mobile gift voucher, Hankook Tire 20% discount, discount at Sonax construction store nationwide, discount ticket for Korean popular village and special treatment for health control, and other benefits. To register for membership, enter the site. You are always up to date with the latest discoveries and at the same time you save time and effort.

You will find all the answers in one place and you can access the information more easily and quickly in digital format, from any device. Enjoy a wide range of popular newspapers and magazines anytime, anywhere. Subscribe now and take advantage of the many benefits. Please call the Customer Center (02-2108-3430, between 9am and 8pm on weekdays). Please email [email protected] and answer any questions. Don't miss out on additional discount vouchers when you subscribe. If you are a new member or old reader of magazines and newspapers on, we will keep you a coupon / voucher code to save on buying a subscription. This is the only online place to find valid offers and promotional codes for your subscription at Read online articles from magazines you love, a nice way to spend a free time, relaxation and information, with interesting galleries and fresh news.


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