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The KYOBO Book Center is the largest bookstore in South Korea. For this reason, in the online library KYOBO you will find first of all books and products intended for the cultural and educational development of children and adults, as well as experienced librarians whose recommendations you will value. Below is a list of discount coupons for the KYOBO online bookstore, as well as a list of the latest promotional offers.

Offer TypeDiscount DetailsExpires
CouponPay with PayPal on KYOBOBOOK and save extra 5%06 May
PromotionVisit now the KYOBOBOOK coupon list page and save 50% for books10 June
PromotionChoose an ebook and save up to 90% from classic paper books11 June
PromotionSave up to 80% for books with promotions and KYOBOBOOK coupon03 July

We believe that the best investment is in education, and books play a very important role in this equation. Do you like to read? Do you enjoy discovering worlds, traveling through books? Are you worried about developing yourself and making the world more beautiful? At KYOBO you cannot stop reading, because the more you read, the more keen you want to know, the deeper and the burning the desire to read. KYOBO redefines your expectations from a bookstore. Low prices every day, gifts and vouchers, discount coupons. Here you always find more than books, offers a wide range of products that harmoniously complement the book offer with special gifts: Books, eBooks, comics, gifts, discography and DVDs.

The range of books in English is adequate, you could have fun browsing books in other languages ​​and, especially in Korean, the range is amazing! To add a product to your shopping cart all you have to do is click the "Add to Cart" button next to it. Customers enjoy access to the entire product portfolio, being able to order any product through the KYOBO online store, by ordering products from the preferred bookstore online. KYOBO means more than tradition, it means diversity and permanent adaptation to the client's needs and expectations. Browse categories to find your favorite genres. Download the KYOBO application. The reading settings and functions have been further improved for an optimized e-reading experience.

Connect up to 5 different devices! The purchased eBook can be read from 5 devices, such as a computer, smartphone or tablet. Purchase KYOBO Library Gift Cards, can be purchased with cash and credit cards from online and offline stores at Kyobo Bookstore. It can be purchased with a physical gift card such as an offline store or with an online mobile gift card. Not everyone can afford to buy a few books a month so there are product vouchers, delivery vouchers and order vouchers.

Save with discount codes, see current coupons. Check in real time the new discount coupons added by By applying a voucher code, discount coupon can get discounts of up to 80%. To be updated with the new discounts and vouchers we invite you to join KYOBO or our site with offers and coupons. KYOBO is more than a bookstore, it is a community of book lovers.


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