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Everything you need to know about was established by Nik Storonsky and Vla Yatsenko in the United Kingdom in 2015 as the first global financial application, created with the purpose of offering its thousands of customers and international users the best and safest way to receive and send money, make different payments and / or transfers, as well as the possibility of being able to connect from anywhere they are, thus maintaining their financial security. 

It is worth mentioning that in there are 32 different currency options, and that customers can make their transactions from the mobile application, also has several plans which offer different options and alternatives for the needs of each client.

Popular Products and Services has 3 different plans which offer different options to meet the needs that customers are looking for among the plans are Standard, Plus, Premium, and Metal from which you can:

  • make payments
  • payment on demand
  • salary in advance
  • Open Banking
  • budget and analysis
  • Junior
  • currency exchange
  • international transfers
  • cryptocurrencies
  • savings vaults

Benefits of using

The benefits of using are:

  • Online chat available 24/7
  • Mobile application available
  • Its platform is available in several languages
  • The application is available in several countries 
  • Some customers receive exclusive interest according to the plan.
  • Customers can receive payment reminders

Where, when and how to find deals and sales

From its online platform at in its pricing tab you can find various plans with some interest offers available, also at certain times of the year, there are some special offers such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

What deals you can find at

The current promotional offer from includes a €7 bonus upon first registration. discount codes

As a discount code available at you can find the following discount codes

  • coupon €7 credit
  • promo code for free VISA card
  • promotional coupon €6 + debit card new customer coupon

The promotional coupon for customers offers €7 initial credit + free debit card. discount code for existing customers

Existing customers of can enjoy the following promotional codes:

  • promotional code with €7 welcome credit.
  • promo code for VISA or MASTERCARD issued free of charge
  • coupon with €5 credit + debit card Black Friday coupons and promotional offers for the special event of Black Friday has available interest on its plans of 1% interest, which can be enjoyed only for this day. Cyber Monday coupons and promotional offers

For Cyber Monday customers can enjoy extraordinary interest which can be found only for this day at 0.95%. coupons and promotional offers for students

Currently has no coupons or promotional offers for students.


Coupons and Deals
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30 May 2024 useful information

  • address

30 Cecil Street, 19-08, Prudential Tower, Singapore 049712.

  • customer service

For customer service has available an online chat, or a phone line by calling +442033228352.

  • payment methods

As methods of payment through are available as Visa, MasterCard, Google Pay, Apple Pay, bank transfers or cryptocurrencies.

  • How delivers the cards makes the delivery of its products through the national postal service, which may take an estimated period of 9 to 15 business days to arrive, which may vary depending on the destination where this is directed.

  • software delivery costs

The physical cost of the cards that are delivered by is 5€.

  • official website

In order to access the online platform, this is done through this web page.

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