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Everything you need to know about ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN emerged in 2014 from the hand of a team of experts including developers, scientists, engineers and others who had the intention to help the community to navigate without worrying about viruses, threats, among others, managing to maintain security and privacy wherever you are.

ProtonVPN offers security in around 67 countries in which it is present, where customers can be shielded against the threats that arise when surfing the Internet, and this is why we work every day trying to offer the best tools so that customers can surf from any platform such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, anywhere in the world and with the greatest security available through the VPN.

Popular software on ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN has available:

  • Proton Mail
  • Proton Calendar
  • Proton Drive
  • Proton Business
  • Secure Core VPN
  • VPN for iOS
  • VPN for Linux
  • VPN for Windows
  • VPN for Mac
  • VPN for Android
  • VPN for Netflix
  • VPN for Streaming
  • VPN servers. 

Benefits of using ProtonVPN

Among the benefits of using ProtonVPN are the following:

  • Free trial
  • Available for different platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux. 
  • Surf the internet anonymously without ads and secure. 
  • High speed servers
  • Easy to use technology

Where, when and how to find ProtonVPN deals and sales

From the prices tab available in ProtonVPN customers can find the offers and discounts available, also on special dates where great discounts are offered as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, 11-11, Christmas among others, another way to find is from their social networks or by subscribing to the newsletter.

What deals you can find at ProtonVPN

The offers available at ProtonVPN include:

  • 50% discount on VPN Plus 24 months plan
  • 33% discount on VPN Proton Unlimited 24 months plan 
  • 40% off 12 month VPN Plus plan
  • 17% discount on VPN Proton Unlimited 12 month VPN plan

ProtonVPN discount codes

  • The discount codes available at ProtonVPN are
  • Promotional code at checkout using code CUPOM1001

ProtonVPN new customer coupon

New ProtonVPN customers can select plans to subscribe with promotions and offers available.

ProtonVPN discount code for existing customers

Existing ProtonVPN customers can apply all available promotions and discount codes like:

  • Code CUPOM1001, Promotional code at checkout

ProtonVPN Black Friday coupons and promotional offers

At ProtonVPN during the Black Friday sales holiday you can enjoy different rebates and promotions, in addition to their plans you can get with discounts from 55% to 70%. 

ProtonVPN Cyber Monday coupons and promotional offers

The plans available at ProtonVPN have available for the Cyber Monday sales holiday incredible and very good discounts applied among which you can get up to 75% with an additional 10% discount just for this day.

ProtonVPN coupons and promotional offers for students

At ProtonVPN students can subscribe to any of their plans taking advantage of the offers and promotions available.


Coupons and Deals
Coupons Last Updated: Today
23 April 2024

Useful information ProtonVPN

  • ProtonVPN Address

Route de la Galaise 32, 1228 Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva, Switzerland.

  • ProtonVPN Customer Service

The customer service available on ProtonVPN can be through a contact form or by sending an email to [email protected]

  • ProtonVPN Payment Methods

ProtonVPN accepts as payment methods those made through credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, or through PayPal or Bitcoin.

  • How ProtonVPN software is delivered

In ProtonVPN the plan to which you subscribe is delivered by means of a link in the account that you must register in the platform.

  • ProtonVPN delivery costs

ProtonVPN does not generate costs for the delivery since it is done online.

  • ProtonVPN website

In order to access ProtonVPN online platform this is done through this webpage.

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