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Everything you need to know about Bitpanda

Bitpanda was created in 2014 in Vienna, Austria, by three friends Eric Demuth, Paul Klanschek, Christian Trummer who had the purpose of providing the best digital services for investment through technology, which was established with the objective of generating investment to different people anywhere in the world in an easy and simple way.

Throughout its years Bitpanda has achieved a great growth keeping stable in Europe all this thanks to the security in their investment products from the platform in which they can see their investment through shares, metals and cryptocurrencies through the amount of money they want at the time of investing, This has allowed people from anywhere in the world to change the way of investing which can be done through various currencies such as EUR, USD, GBP, PLN, DKK, SEK, HUF, CZK or TRY, as well as in different ways of shares such as Tesla, PayPal, Apple, Google, or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Etherum, among others or metals including gold, platinum, silver and many other options available.

Bitpanda categories

Among the categories that Bitpanda has available are:

  • Invest
  • Products
  • Learn
  • Business

Benefits of using Bitpanda

Some of the benefits of using Bitpanda are:

Investment in buying and selling metals, stocks or cryptocurrencies.
Transaction can be done through different currencies such as EUR, GBP, USD, CZK.
Investment available from the mobile application.
Different ways to invest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Etherum, metals, such as gold, silver, stocks such as Tesla, Google, Apple and many more options available.
Investment transactions available anywhere in the world.

Where, when and how to find Bitpanda deals and sales

In Bitpanda you can find the best offers available for your customers to make investments and generate new income, one way can be on special sales dates such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, 11-11, among others, another way is from your mobile application, or by subscribing to the newsletter.

What deals you can find at Bitpanda

Among the offers available at Bitpanda are:

  • 10 in referral codes on reloaded account of £25.
  • Offers available on metals and cryptocurrencies.
  • Fast investments in digital assets.

Bitpanda discount codes

  • At the moment there are no discount codes available on Bitpanda.

Bitpanda new customer coupon

  • New customers who wish to invest in any of the products available at Bitpanda can do so and enjoy their earnings.

Bitpanda discount code for existing customers

In Bitpanda existing customers have several opportunities to generate the best earnings by investing in all available products.

Bitpanda Black Friday coupons and promotional offers

Bitpanda has the best interest rates available for the Black Friday holiday where you can select the best product to invest and generate profits during this day.

Bitpanda Cyber Monday coupons and promotional offers

During the Cyber Monday sales holiday in Bitpanda customers can find the best ways to invest in the different products available in which you can find the best interest rates of up to 70% which will depend on the investment and the product.

Bitpanda coupons and promotional offers for students

In Bitpanda students who want to enjoy the promotions available for transactions must be of legal age.


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30 May 2024

Bitpanda Useful Information

  • Bitpanda Address

Stella- Klein - Löw Weg 17, 1020 Vienna, Austria.

  • Bitpanda Customer Service

Bitpanda customer service is available through a contact form.

  • Bitpanda Payment Methods

The following payment methods can be used at Bitpanda: Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Bank Transfer, EPS, Giropay, Sofort, SEPA, Apple Pay, Neteller, Bank Transfer, EFT Havale.

  • How Bitpanda Delivers The Products and Services

Transactions made in Bitpanda are delivered online.

  • Bitpanda Software Delivery Costs

In Bitpanda there are no delivery costs since the transactions are made online.

  • Bitpanda Official Website

In order to access the Bitpanda online platform, this is done through this web page.

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