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Everything you need to know about AVAST

AVAST since its inception during the year 1988 which emerged by Pavel Baudis and Eduard Kucera who had the great idea to design through technology a software that could keep users protected in the digital world, who initially had as first name Alwill, which with the passage of time just in the year 2010 changed its name to Avast.

Since its inception has progressed rapidly globally as it has provided antivirus software that allows protection for individuals at home as well as small and medium businesses what began for a PC today has transcended to mobile and different platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, which has always had as main objective to deliver the best privacy and security protection to all users anywhere in the world that these are that these feel safe to be browsing, from work, home, making a purchase or any other activity, as well as eliminating digital garbage that allows them to navigate quickly and efficiently, the products that AVAST offers are easy to use and install and it has a qualified team which is constantly improving to keep customers satisfied.

Popular software on AVAST

AVAST has software available for home and business use including:

  • Security through Premium Security Utimate.
  • Privacy through SecureLine VPN, AntiTrack, Secure Browser, Secure Browser PRO, BreachGuard, Online Security & Privacy.
  • Performance through Cleanup Premium, Drive Updater, and Drive Updater.

Benefits of using AVAST

Among the benefits available on AVAST are:

  • Free Trial.
  • Available for business and home.
  • Removes junk and allows for a faster device with more storage.
  • Easy to install.
  • Keeps users digitally protected.
  • Available for Windows, PC, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad.

Where, when and how to find AVAST deals and sales

From the stores category in AVAST users can find all the promotions that it has available, other special dates in which you can find good offers and discounts correspond to Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas among other dates, another option is to subscribe to the newsletter or from their social networks.

What deals you can find at AVAST

Among the available offers that you can find in AVAST are:

  • 50% discount on Premium Security Plan.
  • 38% discount on Ultimate Plan.
  • 40% off SecureLine VPN 1-year plan.
  • 51% off SecureLine VPN 2 and 3 year plans.
  • 32% off Cleanup Premium plan for 1 device.
  • 36% off Cleanup Premium plan for 10 devices.
  • 38% off Avast Ultimate plan for 10 devices.

AVAST discount codes

AVAST has the following discount codes available:

  • 10% discount on selected product offerings using the code AVAST10ES.
  • 10% discount available on selected plans using the code CK4E2.
  • 5% discount on selected products using the code AVASTVPNFOOT.

AVAST new customer coupon

For new customers on AVAST they can save by subscribing to the available plans with promotions by selecting the one that fits their needs.

AVAST discount code for existing customers

Existing AVAST customers can apply the discount codes that are available as follows:

  • code AVASTVPNFOOT, 5% discount on selected products.
  • code CK4E2, 10% discount available on selected plans.
  • code AVAST10ES, 10% discount on selected offer products.

AVAST Black Friday coupons and promotional offers

AVAST products will be available for the Black Friday sales holiday with incredible discounts on each of its software products ranging from 55% to 70% off, plus an additional 10% discount for this day only. 

AVAST Cyber Monday coupons and promotional offers

For AVAST one of the most important dates among the sales holidays is the Cyber Monday sales holiday because for this day cybernauts users can take advantage of a special discount on all its plans of 70% plus an additional 10% discount coupon.

AVAST coupons and promotional offers for students

The promotions available at AVAST can be enjoyed by students who wish to subscribe to any plan of their choice.


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31 May 2024

Useful information AVAST

  • AVAST Address

1737/1A Pikrtova, Prague 4 Czech Republic, 140 00.

  • AVAST Customer Service

At AVAST the support service is available through a contact form.

  • AVAST Payment Methods

The payment methods accepted on AVAST are those made through major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

  • How AVAST software is delivered

In AVAST the software is delivered via email to your email address through a link and an activation code in your Avast account.

  • AVAST delivery costs

AVAST does not generate delivery costs since it is done online.

  • AVAST website:

In order to access AVAST online platform this is done through this webpage.

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